Adopt compliant,
responsible AI at scale

Suzan AI is your control center for AI governance and security

Track AI assets, manage risks, and align systems with
worldwide regulations and standards

Deploy AI that
inspire trust

We empower teams to deliver compliant, responsible and 
business efficient AI systems from day 1, with no 
deep legal or technical knowledge required

Anticipate upcoming regulations

and align with existing laws, standards, frameworks and market best practices

Lower risks

Avoid operational, reputational and
legal damage

Ensure quality and trustworthiness

and communicate your
efforts with partners and collaborators

Don't slow down innovation

Unlock AI use cases with low effort and improve business efficiency

Map AI assets

Keep up-to-date mapping of AI systems, models and vendors with cost-effective, comprehensive inventories that scale with your activities

Smart Registries

Detect ungoverned AI assets and track them into a centralized database

Vendors Assessment

Simplify procurement process and assess 3rd party solutions against regulations and internal policies alignment

Comprehensive Dashboards

Get an instant overview of your company projects and systems with associated risks and tasks

Consistant Governance

Define and deploy harmonized governance rules across your whole organization

Align with laws, standards and frameworks

Tracking all requirements from regulations and standards is hard and time consuming – even for experienced teams. Automate redundant work and keep up with industry best practices.

Understand Requirements

Auto extract relevant requirements from international regulations and standards and map them to your AI systems

Always Up-to-date

Enhance your regulatory watch with real time integration of latest guidelines, regulatory updates and law cases

Configure Custom Policies

Select additional non-mandatory frameworks or add custom company controls with ease

Ensure Accountability

Continuously generate conformity evidence to be ready for authorities controls and 3rd parties enquiries

Identify, track and mitigate risks

With no deep expertise required, understand and mitigate risks to avoid operational, reputational and financial damage

Identify Risks

Based on regulatory and best practices recommendations, such as AI biases, performance, privacy or cybersecurity issues

Generate Mitigation Plans

With auto suggestion of actionable  recommendations and measures, to be implemented at operational or governance level 

Follow Up Risks Mitigation

With real time sync with technical teams, track progress and risks mitigation over time and be ready to demonstrate conformity at any time 


One platform for all

Get everyone onboard to collaborate towards
the deployment of responsible AI

Legal and Compliance
Privacy Officers / DPO

AI Product Owners
Business Leaders

Data Scientists
AI Developers

External Support
Consulting, Law Firms


We help you deliver best in class AI projects
with the least disruption possible in your daily operations

AI Assets Inventory

Frictionless mapping of all AI projects, systems, models and vendors

Risks Management

Identify and evaluate risks from regulatory requirements and standards

Mitigation Plans

Automated generation of action plan to mitigate risks and align with regulatory constraints

Models Pre-Assessment

Ready to use database of most common models available on the market

Vendor Evaluation

Assess 3rd party providers against your own policies and market best practices

AI Act Simulator

Simulate impact of upcoming regulations on your projects and systems


Updated in real time and highly customizable for every user profile

Regulatory Watch

Instant and comprehensive information of the impacts of any regulatory update

Accountability Center

Keep track of legal documentation and ensure it remains up to date

Compliance Portal

Share with your partners a secure portal that centralize conformity evidences to inspire trust

Custom Policies

Customize requirements based on your internal policies on security, governance and risks

Advanced Security

We are hosted in France and offer custom deployment solutions based on your highest security requirements


We integrate industry
specific standards

Suzan AI is industry agnostic and compile dozens of
domain specific norms and regulations on demand






Bank & Finance



Public bodies

GRC softwares

Cloud services



+30 other connectors

Connect Suzan AI to your existing tools

Automate redundant and manual tasks such as AI assets discovery or data inputs, thanks to optional, advanced integrations and connectors

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