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Responsible AI that scale with your business

Suzan AI is your control center for AI governance and security. Track AI assets, manage risks, and align systems with worldwide regulations and standards.​

Deploy AI you can trust

360° solution for responsible, compliant and secure AI

AI Governance

Intuitive AI management system to map, comply and manage AI risks

AI Guardian

Security and privacy-enabling tools to protect your data when deploying AI

Legal Intelligence

Easily navigate the new, constantly evolving regulatory landscape

AI Governance

Governance, risks and compliance solution

The most intuitive AI management system to deploy responsible AI. Manage risks, compliance, trust and security from one single platform with advanced integration and automation features.

AI Guardian

Security layer for Generative AI

Secure LLM deployment with advanced security and data protection features. Detect and remove sensitive data, including privacy information, and prevent data leaks.

Legal Intelligence

Navigate through norms and standards

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